Erik Plambeck’s current work involves two concepts, Self-sponsorship and Self-awareness. His sculptures are objects of conceptual contemplation. They address the subjective authority of the individual, as experienced through nostalgia, concepts, and physical participation in the world. Created with great precision and attention to design, they move, interact, and respond to the viewer in kinetic ways that extend their concepts and invite critical thought. The artist defines Self-sponsorship as the possibility of constructing a world that we can settle in to, rather than settle upon; but not one without responsibility. Furthermore, it is only from such responsibility that the concept of Self-awareness can emerge. Much like the self in the world, audience and artwork come together to possess a shared authority, one that requires us to vindicate the artwork’s capacity for making a claim on us. The artwork’s claim of Self-sponsorship or Self-awareness is not one that commands us to do so. Rather, it is one that asks us to acknowledge, contemplate, and possess them. In doing so we do not apprehend their meaning, but form meaning that is our own.



Erik Plambeck grew up in San Clemente, California. He received a BA in Fine Art from Point Loma Nazarene University in 2006 and an MFA from Pratt Institute in 2013, with Highest Distinction and an Outstanding Merit Award. He currently works in Brooklyn, New York.